Jérémy Attia

General manager

As CEO, Jérémy oversees all aspects of the organization, establishes the strategic vision and direction of the academy, and ensures the overall functioning of the institution.

Timothée Son

Sales director and training director

Timothée heads the Sound Academy training department. He oversees the development and implementation of educational programs, while ensuring the quality of education provided by the academy.

Yacine Hatim

Academic director

Yacine heads the financial department at the Sound Academy. He is responsible for maintaining resources and ensuring the proper functioning of the academy.

Hind Mamache

Training coordinator

Hind is responsible for coordinating training activities, ensuring communication between trainers, students and administration to ensure the effective delivery of training programs.

Adrien Tinedor

Sound Engineering Training Coordinator

With a deep passion for sound and extensive experience in the audiovisual industry, Adrien Tinedor is recognized as an expert in the field of sound engineering. As a Sound Engineer Training Coordinator, Adrien is at the forefront of professional training, developing and overseeing a curriculum that balances theory, practice and innovation.

Stéphane Durey

DJ training coordinator

With a wealth of experience as a professional DJ who has worked on national and international stages, Stéphane Durey decided to pass on his passion and know-how to the new generation of emerging artists. As DJ Training Coordinator for the Sound Academy, Stéphane has developed a comprehensive educational program, combining music theory, mixing techniques and artistic sensitivity, intended to train the DJs of tomorrow.

Hugo Warnier

Beatmaking and M.A.O Training Coordinator

With an undeniable passion for music and in-depth technical expertise, Hugo is a recognized professional in the world of Computer-Assisted Music (MAO) and beatmaking. As a training coordinator, he is responsible for developing and implementing a rigorous and innovative curriculum designed to train the next generation of music producers.

Eric Quenardel

Training Coordinator

Eric is responsible for coordinating and organizing courses and training sessions at the Sound Academy. He works closely with trainers and students to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Kamal Essaidji


As CTO, Kamal is responsible for all the technologies used by the Sound Academy. He oversees technology infrastructure, software development, and the implementation of new technologies to support music education.

Thomas Gautherin

Marketing manager

Thomas is responsible for the marketing strategy for Sound Academy. He plans and implements marketing initiatives, leads advertising efforts, and monitors market trends to help guide the academy's course offerings.

Vittoria Berti

Public Relations Manager

Vittoria is in charge of public relations at the Sound Academy. She develops and maintains a positive image of the academy among the public and the media, organizes events and communicates news and successes of the academy.

Samuel Pin

Head of Design

Samuel is the design manager at the Sound Academy. He leads the creation and implementation of the academy's graphic design and brand, ensuring that all visual elements are consistent with the academy's identity.

Luna Chaillet

Operations Manager

Luna oversees the daily operations of the Sound Academy to ensure their effectiveness. She works on process improvement, facility management, and coordination between different departments.

Diane Debacker

Director of Admissions

Diane oversees the Sound Academy admissions process from receiving applications to final student enrollment. She works closely with academic staff to ensure a smooth transition for new students.

Kelly Hu

Community manager

With her wealth of experience in the entertainment world, Kelly Hu has diversified her career to embrace the world of digital marketing. As a marketer and community manager, Kelly uses her unique understanding of audiences to build and manage thriving online communities.

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